Token Economy

Our only goal is to entertain our users and reward them appropriately as they enjoy and contribute to the world of Zodium. To do so, we built both a transparent and fair token economy where the ownership of the universe is decentralized.

Zodium utilizes (ZODI) as an ERC-20 governance token for its cosmos. By acquiring ZODI through various ways, token holders can play games, vote on crucial matters, and claim their rewards.

*Zodium intends to support chain-swap between multi main-nets:

BNB chain (BEP20), Matic (Polygon), IOST, and Immutable X.

Token Allocation

Total supply : 888,888,888 ZODI

Contract address : 0x0ccA2F5561Bb0fCa88e5b9B48b7Fbf000349c357

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