Zodium Token Ecosystem

Treasury of Zodium (FUNDS)

The sources of revenue going to the Treasury of Zodium (Funds):
  1. 1.
    Craft Fees: minting weapon NFTs to enhance ‘Battle Power’
  2. 2.
    Marketplace Fees: 4.5% of transaction fees occurred from NFT trading in ZODIUM'S NFT marketplace
  3. 3.
    Stamina Recharge Fees: recharging stamina allows players to play more battles
*30% of Treasury revenue goes to the Zodium foundation to build games


We have established a community that becomes stronger as users grow and contribute to guilds. For instance, in a guild versus guild competition on Trunico, users will continue to use ZODI to strengthen not only personal power but also the guild’s strength, all while earning rewards via transparent and fair system.


4Q, 2021 ~ 1Q 2022:
Drawing 12 KINDs NFT is available. Crafting Weapon NFT is also enabled, and CHARIS is being used as a game utility token as a reward from battles. CHARIS is also used for minting weapon NFTs to enhance battle power.
There are 12 kinds of weapons, and each 12 KINDs character has what is known as the Soul Weapon, which makes the character stronger when the zodiac animal matches with the weapon kind. (eg. Monkey can use Fire Ball, but it wouldn't be as strong as when Monkey uses Magic Stick)
Conceptually, CHARIS can be applied to the weapons; hence, users need CHARIS and ZODI to craft and upgrade weapons.


1Q 2022 ~ 2Q 2022
Supporting Zero Gas Fee Ecosystem on Immutable X and Building User Autonomous Ecosystem

ZODIUM 2.0 TO 3.0

When minting ZERO, users’ births date is uploaded on-chain, and this data is used to produce DApps. We intend to let users freely play around with our assets and build autonomous environment for our ecosystem.
Loot is the only project that achieved this system successfully.
In this process, users will be using ZERO NFT and ZODI tokens to launch their projects.
Trunico land NFT sales will begin from 2.0 to 3.0 when the economy of Zodium evolves into the metaverse phase.


When version 3.0 ends and 4.0 comes, we want to introduce the concept of civilization development in Trunico. And, Aqua plays significant role in this stage. Aqua is the important measurement in Guild competition.
Finally, we plan to make Trunico ecosystem open and autonomous so that users can easily create NFTs, games, or anything they can imagine via our Metaverse Studio.


Our project concept for version 4.0 is "Infinite Possibility." We want to build the ecosystem in which our users lead the entire world of Zodium.
In reality, different counties use varying currencies and have different policies. Similarly, we want to let the users and the Guild to decide their world by providing complete autonomy. Guild members will decide important matters via voting, and the voting power will be based on the amount of ZODI.
Finally, we envision Open, Autonomous, and Creative Trunico metaverse ecosystem fully owned built by the community. We believe that this is the genuine metaverse that features the “Infinite Possibilities.”


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