Get to know the world of Zodium!


ZERO is the origin of the 12 KINDs. Zero is the home and beginning of the souls and capable of evolving into any spiritual beings.

The 12 KINDs

When ZERO came to Trunico and met each of 12 zodiac animals, the soul of the 12 KINDs woke up, gained vitality, and became a creature. 12 KINDs are devided into five tiers: Common, Rare, Legendary, Soul Zodiac, and Untouchable.


Meta-connection is a phenomenon when a user is connected to his character and reveals exclusive benefits. This is achieved by collecting what is known as Soul Zodiac. The Soul Zodiac is a zodiac character of the same astrological and animal signs as its owners.
We call this concept a 'meta connection' between users and the blockchain ecosystem, and we believe that 'meta connection' will bring unprecedented changes in the blockchain game market. Via Meta-Connection, users feel connected to their character, and hence, the value of our NFT (the characters) increases. Also, because people have varying zodiac signs, their greed for having zodiac animal characters that match their dates of birth will function as a critical factor in Zodium.


Trunico is the planet where 12 KINDs live and battle for Aqua, the greatest resource on the planet. Trunico is a carved 32 parallelepiped made of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. 12 Pentagons are places where each 12 KINDs Guild inhibits and is called the ‘Shelter,’ and the rest 20 hexagons are ‘Battlefields’ that connect each of the 12 pentagons. Each battlefield contains a specific theme for the battle. Below listed is each theme of the 20 Hexagons.
(Refer to Roadmap for Details) Each lands will launch in different forms of games such as metaverse, web or mobile.

The 12 KINDs Guild

12 KINDs Guild is the union of each 12KINDs animals, and hence, there are twelve Guilds in total. The 12 KINDs Guild plays a considerable role in our ecosystem. For instance, the 12KINDs Guilds will compete to take as much Aqua as possible from the hexagon battlefields. Subsequently, the Guild with the most Aqua is the winner, and certain portion of the Treasury of Zodium will be distributed to all the Guild members according to individual's performance measured by the total used amount of CHARIS (Zodium's game utility token.)

ZODI: is a governance token of Zodium and is used for all decisions related to project development.

CHARIS: is Zodium's game utility token. Users can earn CHARIS as rewards for winning battles and use CHARIS for various activities on the game, such as crafting weapons. (Crafting weapons mean minting weapons.) CHARIS is designed to promote the economic growth of the game. CHARIS is fair-launch token that can only be minted upon rewarding winning battle and will be burned when used.

Aqua: conceptually, is the greatest resource on Trunico. Aqua will be utilized in measuring strengths of the Guilds as it can be used to boost the power of the guild. The 12 KINDs Guild will compete for Aqua on Trunico, and hence, the season-winning Guild shall have the most Aqua!

Treasury of Zodium (FUNDS): ZODI required to increase game stamina, craft weapons, and trade NFT will go to our Treasury pool called the Treasury of Zodium and be kept until the community decides its utility. The Treasury of Zodium will function based on a complete DAO method. (Find out in detail on the Ecosystem Tab)
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