contents information: Origin of ZODIUM: ZERO, Trunico and the 12KINDs

The Beginning: ZERO

ZERO is a body for souls on planet Trunico. When an awakened soul meets ZERO, the soul gains its life and awakes. ZERO can be fused with any soul and become a unique creature. In the same manner, the 12 Zodiac Animals came into being and became the 12 KINDs.

Trunico contains what is known as the Aqua, which gives life to the planet and its inhabitants, and thus, it is the most crucial resource on Trunico. 12 KINDs Guild compete for the Aqua on each battlefield.

In addition, each shelter has distinctive regional resources. Therefore, 12 KINDs compete to acquire those resources, and sometimes they co-work and exchange for the betterment and the balance of Trunico.

In the universe of Zodium, there is a spiritual power called "CHARIS," the etymology of "Charisma." CHARIS is both blessing and strength, and it is the source of every 12 KINDs' power. CHARIS strengthens individual power and can be applied to objects.

The spiritual power of CHARIS consists of five unique elements: fire, water, metal, wood, and earth. The compound and the balance of the five elements are the sources of CHARIS, and it gives a unique ability. Thus, through endless spiritual and physical training, one can earn CHARIS, find the star signs in accord with one’s birth, and finally reach the Soul Zodiac level.

CHARIS is immortal, and it transfers to the objects as a resource for growth. Winners can take loser's CHARIS, so the battle is both the fastest and the hardest way to get CHARIS.

Trunico’s battlefields, which connect the Shelters of each Guild, gain a special energy at a specific time and open sequentially according to the orbit and rotation of Trunico. Due to the providence of nature, each battlefield has a mysterious power, and all inhabitants must prepare themselves for the battle accordingly.

Last but not least, in Trunico, there's a mysterious gemstone called ZODI, which contains Trunico's spiritual power. So, whoever has the most ZODI shall possess the authority because ZODI is also the symbol of making decisions for the future of Trunico.

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