Team Zodium
Meet team Zodium

Sean Yoon’ the Red Dragon

Known for his love for culture and art, Sean is the co-founder of LINE FRIENDs and a global leader in animation and character. Sean has been recognized many times as a prominent creator of animated characters on a worldwide scale. The red dragon is his zodiac, and keep it secrete that Sean has been on various stages as a professional DJ!

‘Twinkle Paeck’ the White Horse

Just like his nickname, Twinkle has a talent and personality that make him shine everywhere. As a founding member of LINE FRIENDs and both animation planner and production manager for RUNNING MAN, he is the leading content planner in the character and animation industries. The rarest white horse on the planet.

'Shawn Jeong' CryptoTiger

A business development expert who has been running his venture company since his early 20s, his company has flourished into 13 different countries, and more than 5 million users are intrigued by his project now. In the blockchain industry, his career began in 2017, and he has carried out many remarkable projects since then. Crimson Tiger of the cryptocurrency world, born in 1986. Roar!

'Jett Yeom' Hot-Dog the Dobermann Pinscher

“The brightest chain on earth is blockchain.” Hot-Dog is an IT business development specialist and a professional brand consultant; he has prospered many companies from numerous fields of business. His experience is now emerging into the blockchain ground. From New York, Virginia, Hong Kong to Singapore and Seoul, Hot-Dog always likes to learn about new cultures.

'Alex Lee' Ph.Python

Dr. Python earned his doctorate in artificial intelligence and is one of the world's leading experts in data analysis using AI. He also led several successful projects as a solidity developer and gave numerous collage lectures. He was born in the Year of the Golden Snake, and he never lets go of anything he bites!

'Eon Park' Chaos-Monkey

A professional blockchain service planner fascinated by the NFTs. Chaos Monkey believes that NFT can change the modern era as well as his future. He was born in the year of the dog and had nothing related to monkeys. The planet is suffering, but Chaos-Monkey is ready to sacrifice his life for this project!

'Rachel Jang' Cherry Jubilee

As a business developer, Cherry Jubilee has worked in several top-tier crypto exchanges. She is also a core member of the social NFT platform, helping the project grow! She was born in the year of the Sheep and Taurus! Shh! She is about to open her music studio in Hollywood!

'Hailey Park' BlueSkirts

The youngest member of the team who is passionate about blockchain technology is the life of our party! She will always welcome anyone, although she may seem like a drunk person, you will regret if you annoy the red Ox! “To the infinity and beyond!”

'Enoch Ahn' Libra Dogii

Literally a multi-entertainer who loves business, start-up, blockchain, and new trends. He has many unique experiences such as DJing on the largest cruise festival, carrying the journal forum with Anderson Cooper of CNN, and organizing the meta-verse based Hackathon. He was also a business consultant for a number of famous blockchain projects.Currently an operator of Zodium, Libra Dogii is always thinking about the strategy, the product and the hype of the project.

'BONO Ahn' the Full Moon Tiger

Her chubby cheeks are so cute like a full moon. That's why we call her Full moon Tiger! We are proud that she is our UI/UX designer, She designs the products easily and very quickly with flexible thinking. She pursues designing simple, concise, but sophisticated UI, and experiencing GUI while constantly seeking to find and improve inconveniences.
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