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Tim Kondo : CEO of 'Animation International (IP licensing company) / Japan'

Tim Kondo is the general manager of Animation International Group that is a pioneer in licensing Japanese animation in Asia with a history of over 40 years. The Group has 12 offices including many prominent partners throughout Asia. He has offices in Turkey and Dubai as well.

Since his completion of studies in the US in 1994, Tim started his career with his family connections in licensing in Hong Kong. It has been more than 25 years since he took a leading position in Animation Internationally and earned profound experiences in media and licensing industries from different countries of Asia. Making Hong Kong a hub for Asia, licensing business of Animation International expanded to the whole of Asian fields and beyond. Tim also has been dealing with major producers in Japan and Korea for acquisition and partnership. Major properties that Animation International is handling are Doraemon and Crayon Shinchan, the most popular properties in Asian countries now.

Tim is also one of the founding members of the Asian Licensing Association in Hong Kong.

Jin Kang Moller : CEO of 'DesignfulCompany'

Jin Kang Moller is an award-winning customer experience strategist, a design practitioner, and a highly-claimed executive trainer. She held design leadership positions to create value and bottom-line impact for 20 years in large financial services firms such as OCBC Bank in Singapore and Credit Suisse in Switzerland and has led user experience consulting services for pharmaceutical companies.

'Lorenzo De Medici'

Prince Lorenzo comes from one of the most famous families from the Italian renaissance and has a long distinguished background including 4 Popes, 2 Queens, and more. Prince Lorenzo's ancestors were in the banking business like himself. His family bank was established in 1300 as the oldest bank in Europe and the most successful bank of the Renaissance. The Medici bank was the first bank to invent and create the check-called promise of payment and the first bank that understood that innovation and trust are the key factors in the banking world.

Today the Medici family is still in Banking and Finance in the USA and UK, and Prince Lorenzo collaborates with different banks and family offices around the globe for their investment portfolio in ART (Bank of America have invested more than 8 billion dollars in art in the last few years) as ART is one of the safest growing investment areas in this volatile market era. He is the founder and director of the newly created Medici Bank, a USA Fintech International Digital Bank. The Medici Bank is the Uber of Banking and is currently based in Puerto Rico with intentions to provide B to B banking service based on blockchain technology.

Lorenzo has a degree in international political science from the University of Florence, a master's degree in communication from the Trent University of Nottingham UK. Also, an MBA in FINANCE from the business school of the University of Bologna ITALY with specific expertise in the MADE IN ITALY. Prince Lorenzo is also a successful international painter artist and created the Renaissance pop style arts. His latest collection called Renaissance Pop is an homage to his family dynasty. He was awarded best pop artist at Miami Art Basel last year with the mayor of Miami.

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